Thank you for visiting Cowgirl in the Sand
Thank you for visiting Cowgirl in the Sand
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About Us

Cowgirl in the Sand is a one-of-a-kind online boutique offering products full of spirit, style and soul.

Originally designed as an online shop in 2010, the store has evolved from a simple idea, through brick and mortar years, and back to an online boutique. The brick and mortar location was a dream come true, but as the Cowgirl-in-Charge, I realized that the demands of a physical location didn't allow me the time to explore my own creative ideas - a kind of "creativity meets mid-life crisis" moment. So here I am now, a decade after I first reached for my star, revamping and reopening a new online experience - one that features some of my own personal creations, as well as a few favorites from the old store. A new format, a new start, a new adventure. After all, that's part of the Cowgirl spirit, isn't it - persistence, tenacity, and forging ahead, not always knowing which way the path will lead, but throwing caution to the wind and travelling down that road.

I take great pride in my company, my commitment to customer service and in the products I create and sell.

My online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse my product catalog. Thank you for shopping at Cowgirl in the Sand!

Elise Braden
Cowgirl in Charge